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Robbie Williams friend found hanged in Wiltshire – read Bingo Hideout

  • 03 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Robbie WilliamsBingo Hideout readers who are big fans of Robbie Williams may not have heard the news that a close friend and hair stylist to the pop star has hanged himself.  The shock suicide was carried out in woodlands near to the superstar’s home in Wiltshire, and insiders say that shortly before Aaron Vickers death he was in a huge row with Robbie Williams. The full details of the argument are not known although there is much speculation in the press that the two friends had a fall out just prior to Mr Vickers death.  If an article published  in the Mirror is true then it would seem that Mr Vickers had been accused of spreading rumours about a ‘friend’ of Williams who was ‘in a sham relationship with a woman’ and had been asked to leave the property owned by Robbie Williams as a result of spreading gossip.

Mr Vickers and his boyfriend had been allowed to stay in a property on Mr Williams estate as a favour whilst the hairdresser was going through some financial difficulties.  Robbie was introduced to Mr Vickers by a mutual friend and according to media reports Williams is said to be devastated by the news of Mr Vickers death.  Whether the alleged disagreement with Robbie Williams was the catalyst that drove the popular hairdresser to suicide is not known, though it is known that Mr Vickers was at the time of his death living with his mother after leaving the cabin in the mansion house grounds.  A friend of Aaron’s is quoted in the Mirror as stating that “Aaron admitted Robbie was right to ask him to go.” and that he was under no illusions that the he was in the wrong for the indiscretion that upset his superstar friend so much.

A report in a local publication, the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald states that Robbie Williams has now vacated the premises which he purchased for a reported £8m at the beginning of the year and is moving to be near girlfriend Ayda Field.  Bingo Hideout readers will remember our recent story in The Buzz about the rumours of Robbie’s engagement to his LA based girlfriend which have hotly been denied.

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