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Simon Cowell loses the X Factor plot over Jedward

  • 09 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

X Factor's JedwardX Factor lead judge Simon Cowell , after weeks of scathing comments about the dire duo ‘ Jedward ’ (or John and Edward as they are more commonly known) threw the X Factor contest into crisis over his decision to save the pair, in a nail biting showdown between the twins and Lucie Jones.  His decision not to vote John and Edward off meant that the decision went to a public vote, and the controversial decision by Simon Cowell saw the caterwauling pair remaining in the competition for another week yet the far more talented and charismatic Lucie walking.

The internet and social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are now awash with comments lambasting Simon Cowell’s decision not to send John and Edward packing.  Simon Cowell has defended his decision by saying that he believes that neither act are sufficiently talented to win the X Factor show, and that he voted for the act he would most like to see again – a comment which flies completely in the face of all his other scathing remarks about Jedward. The X Factor website received so many angry comments that the site crashed according to an article on the Telegraph today.

Lucie for her part performed a stunning rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic One Moment in Time, making the pathetic attempt at the Robbie Williams song Rock DJ by John and Edward look laughably amateurish in comparison.  Why would Simon Cowell choose two people that are clearly neither talented nor sufficiently appealing to stay in the competition and allow a young girl to leave with such obvious raw talent?  Some pundits are saying that this is gamesmanship on Cowell’s part, effectively eliminating the competition from X Factor to give one of his acts a better chance of winning.  If this is the case then the X Factor competition is not about finding the best act with star quality but merely an ego exercise for the judges using the ultimate X Factor result as extra kudos for themselves. What to you think of Simon’s decision to keep Jedward in, do you agree? Are John and Edward talented or are we at Bingo Hideout’ The Buzz missing the point? We would love to know what our  lovely Bingo Hideout and The Buzz readers think of the latest upset in the X Factor.

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