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The Bingo Hideout team love ALL mother-in-law’s

  • 24 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

mother-in-law problems?The team at Bingo Hideout could not believe an article published today in the Mail regarding a special mother-in-law rate at the Holiday Inn for those customers who dread the annual Christmas festivities spent with the in-laws.  This is not a joke apparently, but a genuine service that the Holiday Inn hotel chain are offering customers who are unhappy to spend the holiday season gritting their teeth and smiling sweetly at the mother-in-law.  The offer is a pretty good deal too, with 25% discount given on room rates between 23rd and 29th December across the whole of the UK Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels group.

The story in the Mail has a quote form a family expert, who points out how stressful holiday season can be and goes on to say that arguments go up ‘five fold during the festive period’.  So with this in mind the Holiday Inn group believe that by providing a huge discount for mother-in-laws that they will be providing a valuable service to customers allowing them to take advantage of a stress free Christmas. This is most likely all rather tongue in cheek we are sure, the real reason for the discount is probably to provide families with the opportunity to use a nearby hotel to accommodate parents rather than them having to drive home.

If the Holiday Inn offer is really intended to offload annoying in-laws then it doesn’t actually spread the Christmas message of ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all men’ or maybe it does, after all you don’t actually have to tell the mother-in-law from hell that you are shipping her out so you can enjoy the holidays better than ever before.  It is possible you could wrap this up as an extra special gift to disguise your intentions, and if you are blessed (as the majority of us are) with the mother-in-law from heaven then you could still claim the mother-in-law discount rate at the Holiday Inn to give her a lovely thank you gift for all the things that special lady does all year.

Of course if you are the mother-in-law in question and you actually receive this gift from a loving son-in-law or daughter-in-law then you won’t know which way the special Christmas hotel gift is meant! Is it really a big thank you or a big insult? The team in the Bingo Hideout would love to hear your mother-in-law tales, so please do tell us your stories whether good, funny or just plain annoying!

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