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The Chances are that Bingo Hideout team are a bit naughty!

  • 19 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Lloyds PharmacyIf you are like the team in the Bingo Hideout office then the chances are that you often discuss aspects of each others health, lifestyles or maybe the current hot topic of dieting.  Lloyds Pharmacy have taken this one step further and have introduced an aptly named web calculator called ‘The Chances Are …’ This web tool gives users the opportunity to enter basic data of the people they work with like the amount of men or women they work with and their age groups and then calculates what the risks that affect those that work together.  The calculator uses statistical evidence to compile data, such as how many work colleagues might suffer from a sexually transmitted disease or suffer from herpes.

The Chances are one member of Bingo Hideout team slept with boss

Most of the information is useful as it puts medical statistics into perspective allowing people to see how likely they are to pick up diseases such as the herpes virus but there is also a lighter side to the Chances are calculator. For a bit of fun this tool is great as it provides additional information that isn’t based on medical statistics such as how many people in the office might have slept with the boss.  In the case of the Bingo Hideout office, after entering the basic data of the office staff, the Lloyds Pharmacy calculator has come up with the figure of 1 person having slept with the boss – and as its not me I am now looking very knowingly at Charlotte!

Bingo Hideout a den of iniquity?

Of course this is only a bit of a laugh as I am sure that the boss’s other half would not be too impressed if this was the case.  What is more startling about the Bingo Hideout office statistics is that 5 of our colleagues have been calculated as having a fling with another member of staff – and as we only have 2 men in the Bingo Hideout office then that means either the other Bingo Hideout staff have all been chasing after the same guy or there is hanky panky between the Bingo Hideout ladies – and I for one are not asking!  So dear Bingo Hideout readers what do you think of the Lloyds Pharmacy ‘The Chances Are … Calculator’? How does your office or workplace match up to ours, how many of your team are likely to have slept with the boss?

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