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Vernon Kay gets down and dirty by text – Bingo Hideout

  • 11 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Vernon and TessThe guys in the Bingo Hideout office were so surprised to hear that Vernon Kay has been caught out sending saucy texts and making sexy skype calls to up to five women.  The news revealed in a number of tabloid publications came as so much of a surprise because Vernon Kay and Tess Daly are the picture of happiness, and of course have always seemed so squeaky clean that we would have never imagined that allegations like this could possibly be true.  Let’s face it why would anyone want to have sleazy sexy chats with women of dubious character when they have perfection personified in a loving wife?

Model husband, model wife, model mess up

The story was published first in the Sun when they revealed that Page 3 model Rhian Sugden had been talking dirty to the super handsome Vernon.  Bingo Hideout wonder why celebrity men can’t think more carefully about the women they are mixing with and what their motives might be.  Poor Tess Daly has been reported as being totally devastated by the revelations, and who can blame her, but we do wonder if this can really be considered infidelity?  After all if Vernon is to be believed (and there have been a run of celebrity men caught with their proverbial pants down lately so maybe not!) then no physical contact has been enjoyed by either party – but was the intention really there?  Was it just innocent flirtation?  What are the motives of the woman concerned And really is it anyones business what he has or hasn’t done (other than Tess Daly of course)? There seems to be a complete obsession by the press to bring any celebrity down who is regarded highly by the public and quite frankly its becoming a little tiresome.

Vernon hasn’t called yet!

On a personal note I think it is shocking that I haven’t heard from Vernon at all, and that is after I have sent him my number many times.  I can’t deny that I am more than a little disappointed to not have received one of these saucy communications.  Clearly Vernon must have mislaid my number and the number of the other Bingo Hideout girls too!  Oooh Vernon I like it when you talk dirty, hmmm …. excuse me, momentarily strayed away from objective reporting mode then! Sorry Tess!

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