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X Factor has come to its senses as Jedward leave – Bingo Hideout

  • 22 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

X FactorReaders of the Bingo Hideout gossip column The Buzz will know that we are big X Factor fans, however the same can’t be said about our feelings towards Jedward, so with some relief we can now report that a shock X Factor decision means that John and Edward have now left the show.  Not that we have anything personal against Jeward, they are lovely boys however the truth is that they were the weakest act in the show from the beginning.  Far greater singers have left the X Factor show and it was with bated breath that the guys and girls of Bingo Hideout all watched the judges making their final decision in the great X Factor vote off. 

Viewers who watch every episode of the popular talent show will know that recently there have been some pretty controversial decisions made by the judges, and these decisions have according to many allowed Jedward to stay in longer than they otherwise might have done. Our recent article about Simon Cowells decision to allow things to go to a public vote rather than cast his deciding vote, caused a flurry of grudging dissenters all pouring scorn on this apparent tactical decision. There have been many groups set up on social networking sites like Facebook calling for viewers to boycott the show.  The writer has even been contacted by one incensed viewer who has set up a website called letsimonknow.com which challenges the legitimacy of the telephone vote by asking people to vote on the website who they believe should be in the sing off – strangely the votes on the site seem to indicate a different result than the actual X Factor show result.

Anyway with the latest result and John and Edwards surprise departure, viewers of the X Factor and of course Bingo Hideout fans will be pleased that finally Danni has had the good sense to vote for the better singer, allowing the wonderful Olly Murs to stay in the show for yet another week – the gyrating of Olly is obviously not the main reason that the girls in office want Olly to stay in the X Factor!

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