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What makes a great CM?

  • 02 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Great online bingo CMs

The latest results at the time of writing indicated that on the CM of the Month leader board the lovelies at Bingo Liner had made a remarkable recovery moving up 6 places in the international CM leader board to 1st place.

As one of our members’ favourite sites, the CMs at Bingo Liner are always hugely popular and are recognised across the board to be some of the best online at the moment, but what is the factor that marks the difference between a good CM and a brilliant one who moves players enough to vote for their performance in their room?

The ability to get on with everyone is an essential rule of thumb for any CM. Although no one can possibly get on with everyone, the online bingo world is a generally a small and friendly community full of like-minded people, and so this task may not be as hard as it seems.

Being firm but fair to those in chat is another essential for a CM. If someone is overstepping the site guidelines, or is behaving in a way that is suggestive to others, the CM may politely remind the offending player of the rules or simply suggest they move to an adult room where their chat is less offensive to players. If the roomie in question does not respond, they will usually be taken to the CM’s own room for a dressing down and may eventually be excluded from the site.

The best CM’s also keep up with all the gossip with frequent players, which helps the community blossom, and the chat to get started. With an awareness of what is going on in regular players’ lives as well as being able to hold forth on celebrity gossip and popular TV shows of the moment, it’s a CM’s job to instigate chat where there is none and most of all to always remain talkative.

Some sites such as Jackpot City Bingo only use a handful of CM’s to manage their rooms, whereas others such as Foxy have many CM’s to choose from. With words of wisdom and photos so you know who’s in charge, Foxy Bingo offers you the chance to get a sense of the CM in advance of play, whereas at Jackpot City Bingo you’ve got a chance to really get to know the CM’s onsite especially if you play in the same games all of the time.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a CM either contact your favourite site direct to enquire about vacancies or visit cmoftheyear.com to browse the current list of jobs available in this area.

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