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Why are they called bingo wings?

  • 25 Jul 09
  • Written by

Bingo Day

Having spent time wondering this week about why this unnecessarily negative term is associated with our favourite game, our research has uncovered an interesting fact. The reason why ‘bingo wings’ are associated with our game is largely down to a widely held idea of a woman waving her arms in a bingo hall shouting ‘full house’ that brought about this term. We all know what bingo wings are and while these sad triceps are a fact of life for some of us, so we thought why not give our members some tips to avoid this irritation that’s described as being ‘flaps of saggy skin’.

Don’t take it sitting down

Since online bingo is constantly proving to be such a hip and youthful game these days, and since we are all working so hard to give live bingo the boost it needs, this notion of old ladies playing bingo is becoming increasingly outmoded; so let’s work together to stamp it out by getting the dumbells out this summer and working a few lifts into your Bingo Day!

Toned arms are of course more attractive than bingo wings and since we’re working so hard to keep the old grey matter working overtime so we can keep up with the mental challenges of speed bingo and such, why not put in a few minutes a day and help your triceps keep up with your daily brain workout?

Pick up a can of beans a day

All your going to need to banish those wings is something as simple as a tin of beans -though a light dumbell would be better. There are many exercises you can try to eliminate saggy triceps but our favourite (since you can do it while sitting playing online bingo) is to sit straight and hold the weight in your palm extending your hands behind you as high as you can. Do this for a short 10s and repeat ten times. With this exercise you are looking to increase the amount of time you can hold the weight up for and the number of repetitions over time. Easy!


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