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Bingo + Lottery – a match made in heaven!

  • 06 Oct 08
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Online bingo and lottery

Recently, we at Bingo Hideout have heard of a fantastic new idea from Bingos.co.uk that marries two of our most favourite pastimes at the Hideout. A lottery syndicate through an online bingo site is a massive idea that offers everyone a new way to win on a web site and in one of the biggest jackpots in the UK.

Taking part in the Euromillions draw, the staff at Bingos.co.uk chose 50 differing sets of numbers for the final draw so players would win a share of the £100 million jackpot if their syndicate numbers came up.

Some internet bingo sites already have access to lotteries in Europe such as Betfred but the idea of everyone on a UK site having access to the UK lottery jackpot is unprecedented – as far as we know – and we love this idea.

Any site that dreams up new ways for players to win big amounts of money, especially in a format that brings people together gets our vote at the Hideout, and so we are very encouraged by this idea and hope that it might catch on. Seeing as how online bingo is increasingly becoming associated with TV, a cross over with another form of chance play is the next logical step on from televised bingo games.

The possibilities that crossover games like this suggest are unlimited; if you like the idea of playing two games simultaneously, there’s always the possibility that you could end up watching a bingo call on the lottery show on Saturday night. Of course, at this point this idea is only supposition, a dream made up by Bingo Hideout’s wandering mind, but what good fun that would be!

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