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Don’t let the system get you down

  • 28 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

As part of our commitment to our members, we’ve drawn up a guide to staying lucky when playing online bingo. Giving you an overview of what we hope is a fun and honest approach to playing bingo games, we wish all of our members good luck in all their games, as always.

One of the most important things to remember when playing any form of online gaming, but especially when playing online bingo is that no matter what anyone may tell you there is no known ‘system’ that will help you to win. Bingo is purely a game of chance, where the skills lie in keeping up with the numbers called, and not predicting which are coming up next. Therefore, in investing time or money in a book or web site that says it can help you win means you’re onto a sure-fire loser, sadly.

There are however ways to increase your chances of winning, such as playing on your favourite site on quiet days or in games where guaranteed jackpots (we are referring here to smaller jackpots of below £500) will be shared by fewer players. After all the smaller the group of roomies, the greater the chances of you walking away with the prize money advertised. This is true of all sites, no matter how big or small they may be, so whether you like well known brand names such as Foxy Bingo or prefer a more intimate site such as Bingo Liner, stick to the smaller games for a better chance of the pot.

Of course many seasoned bingo players believe Lady Luck has a hand in their success, or that having their personal mascot with them while in play will help them towards a big win. This kind of personal superstition is more often seen in players who enjoy live games, where regular players even consider certain seats in the hall to be lucky.

We at the Hideout love the idea of players enjoying every aspect of the game that they can personally control such as where they sit, which items they have with them while in play and looking out for their lucky number as the game progresses.

Please share your favourite bingo rituals with us on the member at the Hideout as we love to hear from all of you, whether you wear lucky pants or not!

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