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How to make your site’s benefit scheme work for you

  • 18 May 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo loyalty schemesAt Bingo Hideout we want the best for our members and as well as offering them amazing prizes, the latest promo updates and free money to play on the biggest sites we also want to keep you informed of ways to get the most out of your game. This week then we’ve prepared a run down of the best ways to make your game play pay.

Gold – always believe it

Clearly, one of the best ways to reap the rewards of loyal play is to sign up to a site that offers a loyalty scheme. Some sites offer rewards at such a high cost, most of us can only dream of reaching the elite status they offer. The reality is that for most players, online bingo is a fun hobby and doesn’t involve a huge expenditure every month. In some cases aiming for gold status is an impossible achievement.  After all, playing within a set budget is the best way to manage your game play and if you’re keeping up your loyal commitment to any site, why not get the best returns you can for that devotion?

I want to give you devotion

The most important thing about getting the most from your loyalty scheme is to sign up to a site that offers cash in return for your loyalty points (LP’s). Sounds simple, but many sites only offer LP’s as a means to buy more tickets and are not redeemable as cash.

Signing up to this kind of reward scheme means that in effect you are being reimbursed for your play – but be aware of sites that deduct your remaining LP’s once you make a cash withdrawal. Often a good means of avoiding this sort of potential LP loss is to bone up on the levels your scheme offers so that once you hit the target you’re aiming for make a cash withdrawal straight away.

Getting paid to chat

There are many other ways to get extra points added to your account once you’re on the right site. For example sites like Foxy offer extra points to winners of weekly specials like the Money Spider game. There are plenty of chat games available on most sites that also offer free bonus points, as well as other sites such as Spectra and Bingo Jetset that will reward you for simply playing straight bingo games.

Other ways to boost your LP status include (on most sites) referring a friend -this is often the quickest way to get the biggest rewards. For example on 888 Ladies you will receive a whopping 5,000 points per friend. In addition, if your site has a forum to join such as the one on Think Bingo there are often LP bonuses offered for joining in the thread and making interesting posts.

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