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Keep your gaming in check with our simple guidelines

  • 25 Jan 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo guidelinesThis week Bingohideout has been shifting our focus to our members and their gaming habits to help you review your patterns of play in order to keep you safe. We have drawn up the following list of points to make sure that you and your friends are playing responsibly as it is the duty of bingo sites as much as the players of them to help avoid problems.

The most important factor in anyone’s playing whether its free bingo online or playing casino games is the enjoyment factor. If you are playing in the hope of finding a quick fix to any financial problem, this is an unhealthy approach to any form of online gambling and should be abandoned immediately. A player who plays for fun knows that the odds of winning any jackpot are ultimately very small and doesn’t expect to win and so would not play outside of their funds.

You must set aside a monthly or weekly amount that has been properly budgeted for. Cutting into money set aside for rent or food is not at all advisable under any circumstance. Never borrow money to ‘chase’ a win with or to gamble with, even from friends. Getting into debt to play is never a good idea no matter how small the amount.

If you recognise any of these points as applying to you or anyone you know, you can get help through various means. Once you have identified a problem or feel that you might need extra advice or support, speak to someone as soon as possible.

Remember that each online bingo site recognises their obligation to help their members and will either have 24/7 Freephone support, or someone to contact you within a very short period of time as a matter of urgency.

However if you do not feel comfortable speaking to someone associated with your favourite site you can ring Gamble Aware on 0845 6000 133 or visit the official gambling help website for independent advice www.gamblersanonymous.co.uk

Another method of calming down your urge to gamble outside of the fun remit is to simply apply for a ‘time out’ period from the online bingo site you play with the most.

After your agreed self-exclusion period, the site will probably ask you to go over your fund budget and review this with you after another set period of time as part of their obligation to help you avoid further trouble.

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