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The 5 biggest benefits of signing up to new sites

  • 22 Feb 08
  • Written by admin

new online bingo sitesWith the New Year bringing about a wealth of new online bingo sites for you to choose from, Bingo Hideout recommend trying out a few even if you’re happy with your current choice.

Joining one of the many new sites out there such as 888 Ladies means you can take advantage of fantastic promotions your favourite site may not offer. We want you to get the best out of your time online so we have come up with 5 ways to make any new site work for you.

1. New sites, great incentives

It makes sense that every new Internet bingo site wants to attract as many members and as much traffic as possible. Watch out for the latest launch and get real value for your money with amazing sign up bonuses and free game play offers that usually only last until the site has established itself.

Unless the site is run by an established name that can afford to maintain huge incentives to new players,
you can assume that initial promotions are short-lived, so get signed up ASAP. If you are unsure how to check a site’s reliability, please refer to our Scam Busters article for tips.

2. Who’s Winking at you?

The more sites you try, the more likely you’ll find a community that suits you best. Sticking to your main point of play is a good idea if you are enjoying the graphics and the game itself but if you can share that enjoyment with a group of likeminded people it will increase your bingo fun tenfold.

Depending on what kind of chat you’d like whether naughty or private, join in the fun
at Bingonanza or Wink Bingo today for a little bit of what you fancy.

3. Find new ways to play

Every site online has a different approach to the game whether you have to download software to see its graphics or simply click and go. Whatever kind of card system you are used to why not look around to see what else is out there and even try a new ball number game while you’re there?

Let’s face it that’s why new sites give away free play money to get members interested; why not check out their handiwork and see what is available in the way of instants and slots while you’re there?

4. Loyalty pays

New sites offer also tend to offer great loyalty schemes to keep new players interested and regularly depositing so why not use this opportunity to accrue more bonus points when you’re luck is flagging at your favourite sites?

Boost your loyalty package by inviting roomies from other sites to join and you’ll reap the benefits of the very popular “refer a friend” scheme as well as keeping your hand in to qualify for upcoming prize draws and tourneys.

5. Play Wisely

Lastly but most importantly, play your free games wisely. Save the bonus money given out on any new site you’re trying out for the main jackpots and see how far a little deposit (with your sign up bonus added on) can go!

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