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Three reasons to feel good when playing online

  • 20 Feb 09
  • Written by admin

We have all seen how online bingo has so far escaped the recession and carried on with its runaway success story, but what exactly are players getting out of this game that makes it so unstoppable? This week we at the Hideout have been going over our top 3 reasons to play UK bingo online, so take a look and see if you agree.

Share the love

One of the features that makes bingo -in all of its forms- such an enduringly popular pastime in the UK is the fundraising side of the game that has been a part of its wider community appeal since wartime and beyond. With big bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo, Betfred Bingo and Big Heart Bingo among others committing game time to raising funds for charities across the UK, if you play your cards right at internet bingo, you can be helping someone else to help themselves while in play.

Stay in and hang out

Another fantastic feature of bingo online is the social element that other games rarely feature. Using the same software as an Instant Messaging system, you can meet and chat to hundreds of other people like you who perhaps are feeling the pinch enough to not be able to out but still want to stay sociable and meet new people.

Bringing people together

Another of our favourite features that many of the main bingo sites offer is Team Bingo. We love Team Bingo as it brings friends together so that they can develop friendships in a way that were previously only seen before in terrestrial bingo. Offering players the chance to develop a real kinship and to share in the winnings from this endeavour can only be a good thing and will give them all a good excuse to go out and celebrate together when they hit the big time.

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