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Will fuel price rises further affect the downturn of live bingo?

  • 03 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

The live bingo industry is facing so many problems at the moment that we at Bingo Hideout are wondering whether the surprise announcement by Gala Bingo is the first sign of a turning tide for those companies with a lot currently invested in the live bingo industry.

Effects of the non-negotiable taxes on bingo and increases in petrol after the blow of the smoking ban shouldn’t be underestimated, and with the increasing availability of bingo through various new media the game is undergoing change that is unprecedented in its history since its last historical resurgence in the UK during the Second World War.

The history of the game’s popularity at that time is still embedded in the game even to this day with a lot of the calls referencing events of the 40’s and 50’s. It’s important not to overlook what an impact live bingo had on the social world at that time. No matter how much you or I enjoy playing online bingo, we should hold dear the traditions that have brought the variation of the game that we all so love and try to support the industry as its future prospects dim.

Visiting your local hall is an obvious way to do this, and in doing so you and your roomies may discover what started your love affair with the game in the first place. Although a very different experience from the online bingo games that we love, playing a game of live bingo has its own benefits, which range from being able to experience your mate’s joy at winning first hand to enjoying the entertainment factor that most live callers inevitably bring to the game.

We have mentioned a few times recently on this site how a fantastic way to get to know your roomies is to organise a night out to a live site, and when you reflect on how those first visits to the local church hall or bingo hall to play were brilliant fun, why not seriously consider looking into it? After all supporting your local hall will only strengthen the bingo industry and help to preserve the game as we know it.

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